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With shredders, Petroamazonas personnel destroyed 163 folders of sensitive documents, one day before the merger

Date: Apr 4, 2021

Using several paper shredders, administrative personnel of the former Petroamazonas (now absorbed by Petroecuador) destroyed sensitive documentation on January 6, including confidential and reserved reports from the company’s board of directors . The documentation, which had been archived on the fifth floor of the Covidal building (República and Teresa de Cepeda), consisted of 163 folders and corresponded to the period 2008-2017.

The fact, which is considered a crime of “destruction of records” , is already in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office , since Hugo Tapia Gómez, in his capacity as judicial attorney for Gonzalo Maldonado, general manager (s) of EP Petroecuador, filed the complaint on February 1st.

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