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With SDNY Donziger Trial Still Set for Sept 9 Now Hybrid Prosecutor Wants Video Witness- Inner City Press

Date: Aug 24, 2020

Aug 21 – Steven Donziger, who had a June 2020 trial date postponed amid the Coronavirus pandemic, was wrongly accused of being close in Ecuador with Rafael Correa and thus a flight risk, it has emerged.

 Donziger’s lawyer Andrew J. Frisch challenged Prosecutor Rita Glavin and her firm Seward & Kissel LLP for alleged conflict of interest, claims shot down on January 6. But Frisch didn’t raise, and perhaps has no standing to raise, another conflict of interest, for prosecuting for the US while also representing defendants being prosecuted by the US Attorney’s Office.

 On August 17, Judge Preska has reaffirmed that the trial will go forward on September 9. On August 21, Dongizer’s Oregon-based co-counsel has renewed the request to postpone the trial, saying that cross country airplane travel is too dangerous. Dr Anthony Fauci is cited. 

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