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Will Steven Donziger Be Held In Contempt In Federal Court? – Forbes

Date: Oct 16, 2018

This column has provided a detailed history of the attempt to extort billions from Chevron. This effort, ostensibly meant to benefit Ecuadorean nationals who were most likely injured by an Ecuadorean state corporation, failed lamentably. Conspirators attempted in vain to enforce in the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and Gibraltar the fraudulent judgment they obtained against Chevron in Ecuador. An exhaustive review by renowned federal judge Lewis A Kaplan in the Southern District of New York found that Steven Donziger, the spearhead of the suit against Chevron, engaged in multiple acts of racketeering. An international arbitration panel has forbidden efforts to enforce the Ecuadorean judgment elsewhere. And Donziger has been suspended from the Bar in New York State and in the District of Columbia, which as far as I know are the only jurisdictions where he was authorized to practice law. Read more>>