Chevron's Views
And Opinions On
The Ecuador Lawsuit.

Web of Influence Shows Financial, Political Ties of the Government of Ecuador, U.S. Attorneys and Their Efforts to Sway Justice in the Case Against Chevron in Ecuador

Date: Oct 29, 2009

An elaborate series of relationships between the Ecuadorian government, U.S. trial lawyers and activist groups show that strong economic and political ties exist in their efforts to put pressure on a small rural courtroom in Lago Agrio, Ecuador, to find Chevron guilty in an environmental lawsuit.

This interactive diagram highlights these relationships and provides an examination of the forces behind the lawsuit. The Web of Influence diagram shows that the legal case against Chevron in Ecuador is a coordinated effort by U.S. trial lawyers and activist NGOs working with the executive branch of the Ecuadorian government to influence the Ecuadorian judiciary to ensure a guilty verdict against Chevron.

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