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Washington Times Editorial – Fighting Ecuadorean graft

Date: Feb 17, 2010

The Obama administration has made a habit of kowtowing to Latin American leftists. But new information out of Ecuador ought to make the White House finally take a stance against that nation’s anti-American regime.

For years, the radical Ecuadorean government led by President Rafael Correa has been backing a massive and spurious lawsuit, sponsored by American trial lawyers, against the California-based Chevron oil company. In what amounts to a state-enforced shakedown, the plaintiffs seek a whopping $27 billion for purported environmental and health damages, all related to oil projects that Texaco – now owned by Chevron Corp. – stopped operating in Ecuador in 1990. Before it was taken over by left-wingers, the Ecuadorean government in 1998 certified that Texaco had cleaned up its old drilling sites. The new government ignores that certification.
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