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7/24/09 – The Washington Times: Ecuador – Cut Off Trade Preferences

Date: Jul 24, 2009

[archive-title]“EDITORIAL: Cut Off Ecuador
Washington Times, July 24, 2009
“Several recent developments make it imperative for the United States to end the trade preferences it gives to the leftist government of Ecuador. On July 15, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said that in his new role as president of the Union of South American Nations, he will try to create a regional organization to shut down critics in the media. This frightening move against a free press came two weeks after Mr. Correa began efforts to shut down Ecuador’s Teleamazonas television network. On July 16, Ecuador’s state-owned Petroecuador oil company seized the oil fields of the Anglo-French Perenco Corp. This was despite a demand in May from an official arbitration body of the World Bank that the Ecuadorean government stop seizing oil. The expropriation of oil is nothing new. In 2006, Ecuador did the same thing to the American Occidental Petroleum Corp.”