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Wall Street Journal – Obama Gives Ecuador’s Caudillo a Pass; Washington looks the other way as President Rafael Correa undermines the judiciary and the press

Date: Aug 8, 2011

The author of this Wall Street Journal piece is highly critical of recent developments in Ecuador:

Observe U.S. foreign policy in Latin America over the last two and a half years: In particular, consider how Honduras took a beating from the Obama administration over its decision to remove a law-breaking leftist president in 2009, while Ecuador is getting little pushback from Washington as it steps ever closer to dictatorship.

His determination to silence his media critics has been more overt, as the El Universo case demonstrates. The column in question called the president “a dictator” and challenged his claim that he was a victim of “a coup” in September 2009 when he went to a police barracks during a strike. Yet what most agitated Mr. Correa—and what he sued for—was the suggestion that he could be held accountable for giving the order to fire on the hospital across the street from the barracks, as part of his “coup” charade.

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