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Upstream Online – Ecuador arbitration hearing decision soon

Date: Nov 28, 2011

More coverage of the Chevron Ecuador trial and the International Tribunal in the Hague which ordered Ecuador earlier this year to prevent enforcement of any judgment against Chevron:

The tribunal, working under The Hague’s Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), ordered the Republic of Ecuador in February to suspend enforcement of any judgment in the lawsuit filed by rainforest dwellers against Chevron, Reuters reported.

Chevron lost that case a few days later, as the company had expected. A New York judge then sought to freeze the $18 billion judgment against the second-largest US oil company – before he was overruled on appeal.

Chevron, arguing the judicial process in Ecuador was corrupted, is now banking on the arbitrators, who must first decide whether they will become the latest body to weigh in on what has become a landmark international legal battle.

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