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Ecuadorean Environmental Claims Disavowed Under Oath by Plaintiffs’ Own Experts

On April 12, 2013, Chevron settled pending fraud and extortion claims against Boulder, Colo.-based Stratus Consulting, the lead environmental consultants to the plaintiffs’ lawyers in the Ecuador trial.

Stratus scientists provided sworn declarations outlining the firm’s knowledge of the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ misconduct in the ongoing litigation as well as testifying that there is no scientific merit to the plaintiffs’ damages claims against Chevron and Texaco Petroleum.

In the sworn declarations, Stratus details the role the firm and the plaintiffs’ lawyers played in drafting the supposedly independent damages report of Richard Cabrera, which serves as an evidentiary basis of the 2011 judgment against Chevron in Ecuador. Testimony also provides a direct account of lead plaintiffs’ lawyer Steven Donziger’s control of Cabrera’s report and the pressure Donziger applied to contrive damages attributed to Chevron.

Donziger’s other scientific experts have also testified against his misconduct and disavowed their findings.

Fourth Interim Award (672 KB)

PCA Decision on Jurisdiction (1.2 MB)

Second Interim Award (1.2 MB)


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