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Three sectors grew during the pandemic in the country- Ecuador Times

Date: Jun 11, 2020

Following the arrival of the new coronavirus , many sectors had to reinvent themselves to continue their activities. And several turned to technology to make the leap to digital.

One of them is the educational sector. Prosecutor Rosa Tobar says that when the confinement began, teachers turned to platforms available on the Internet to keep in touch with their students.

In May, the Ministry of Education standardized the system with the Teams platform. This enabled organized classes, meetings and training. In addition, as of May 5, the MinEdu enabled the Telework Activities Monitoring System , to evaluate the work of teachers. At the end of June, the students of the Sierra-Amazonía cycle will present their virtual works. Also, for the first time, students will replace the supplemental , remedial and grace exams with an online project.

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