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This U.S. shakedown artist is trying to turn Canada into a banana republic – The Rebel

Date: Sep 14, 2016

Texaco, which has since been bought by Chevron, used to operate in Ecuador. In 1992, Texaco sold its stake to the Ecuadorian government, and completed an environmental clean-up, certified by the government.

But a U.S. lawyer named Steven Donziger sued Chevron for Texaco’s environmental sins, even though Texaco cleaned it all up.

And not only did Donziger make a movie about the lawsuit, called “Crude,” but he won $9.5 billion in an Ecuadoran court. Celebrities and environmentalists loved it. But Chevron got a court order for the raw out-takes of his movie.

This footage showed what Donziger was actually doing to win the lawsuit. I’ll show you some clips. They’re incredible, and damning.

So Chevron sued Doniger, and he was crushed by the New York court. But he still has that Ecuadorian judgment for $9.5 billion. So now he’s going country to country to find a judge to help him collect.

This week, Donziger’s team is in Canada, trying to collect his judgment in a case that has absolutely nothing to do with Canada.

It’s a disgrace that this suit is being heard in Canada. I’m not yet pessimistic enough to say that we’re a banana republic like Ecuador is, and I’m quite sure our judges can’t be bought, bribed or intimidated by a fraudulent huckster.

But whether or not they can be fooled by him — well, we’re about to find out…

TONIGHT’S GUESTS: Rich Samp, Chief Counsel at Washington Legal Foundation, joins me to talk about the Donziger case, and Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein is in the studio to discuss the Kellie Leitch “Canadian values” story, and the divide between the Media Party’s stance and the general public’s.


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