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There they go again! New Evidence of Fake Anti-Chevron Protestors Uncovered

Date: Jun 26, 2014

Update (6/26/14): Since this blog post was published, NYCastings has removed the casting call for anti-Chevron protesters from their website.  A screen shot of the casting call can be found here.

New evidence of a manufactured campaign against Chevron has emerged, with more proof that paid actors were hired to participate in yet another anti-Chevron protest.

Chevron has obtained new evidence that a New York City-based casting company, NYCastings, was retained to offer $80 for “extras” and $200 for “principle talent” to play anti-Chevron protestors for purposes of creating this propaganda video, which attempts to portray the protest as a real event rather than a paid stunt.

chevron ecuador fake protestors

Activist groups like Amazon Watch and ToxicEffect, and Ecuador’s political leaders joined together in promoting “International Anti-Chevron Day”, held on May 21.  They claim events like the one held in New York is an example of a world-wide condemnation of Chevron.  It is now increasingly clear, however, that these demonstrations were
nothing more than paid stunts featuring hired actors.

This isn’t the first time “extras” have been hired to demonstrate against Chevron. As Paul Barrett of Bloomberg Businessweek recently reported, Chevron’s May 28 Annual Stockholder Meeting in Midland, Texas, drew phony protestors paid $85 apiece to wave signs and shout slogans.

Additionally, over the last year the Republic of Ecuador has footed the bill for international journalists, U.S. politicians and others to travel to Ecuador to join in their anti-Chevron campaign.

The fraudulent campaign against Chevron continues to be nothing more than Hollywood fiction.