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The Prosecutor asked for the maximum penalty for those prosecuted in the Bribes 2012-2016 case- Ecuador Times

Date: Mar 9, 2020

For “organizational dominance, in his capacity as a public official for having and having exercised absolute power and dominion over the criminal structure”, as well as for having been “direct beneficiary of bribes,” Attorney General Diana Salazar requested yesterday to the Court of Judgment of the 2012-2016 Bribes case that the former president Rafael Correa – whom he accused as mediator of the bribery offense – applies the maximum penalty increased by a third for the aggravating act of “gang.”

That same penalty, but as direct authors, was asked for former Vice President Jorge Glas; for the former legal secretary, Alexis Mera; the former ministers María Duarte, Walter Solís, Vinicio Alvarado; former advisors Pamela Martínez and Laura Terán; the ex-legislator Christian Viteri, and the assemblywoman Viviana Bonilla.

Of them, Salazar said that they directly and immediately managed to receive bribes and benefited entrepreneurs through the granting of contracts, and themselves.

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