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The Indigenous Voices of Ecuador’s General Strike- The Real News Network

Date: Oct 28, 2019

Massive protests forced President Moreno into a negotiation with indigenous opposition movements, which was broadcast on live TV. The leaders seemed to school the president and his ministers, and he eventually canceled the IMF-required austerity decree. We spoke to some of those leaders.

In October 2019, a massive strike forced the Ecuadorian government to cancel a decree that imposed austerity measures. The international Monetary Fund, the IMF, had required these measures in return for a $4.2 Billion dollar loan.

The protests eventually forced President Lenin Moreno to the negotiation table, after state security forces failed to repress the growing number of people who took to the streets. The negotiations were broadcast on live TV, and Ecuadorians could see indigenous leaders schooling the President and his ministers.

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