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Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit News

The Canadian Version Of The Chevron Shakedown Is Officially Dead And Buried – Hot Air

Canada warned against getting entangled in the Chevron Shakedown - Hot Air

When we last checked in on suspended New York City attorney Steven Donziger and his merry band of wannabe racketeers back in March, things weren’t going so well. He was facing contempt of court charges and had been ordered to repay a significant amount of money back to Chevron, the company he’s spent years trying to fleece for billions of dollars based on a fraudulently obtained judgment in Ecuador. He was also facing fines that would double every day he continued to refuse to comply.

Well, he still hadn’t learned his lesson as of a few weeks ago and the fines had already added up to just shy of one million dollars as of June 13th. That resulted in the judge ordering Donziger to surrender his passport and some electronic devices, lest he attempts to flee the country to avoid paying up. He may have been hoping against all odds to somehow prevail in one of the last places where his lawsuits seeking a judgment against Chevron were still active. That would be the case he attempted to bring in Canada against Chevron Canada Limited, despite the fact that this entity was not in any way associated with the action in Ecuador. Read more>>


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