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The Business of Plaintiffs’ Law: To Make [Expletive] Money

Date: Jan 17, 2011

This article includes a video outtake from “Crude” in which lead plaintiffs’ lawyer Steven Donziger says on camera that “the business of plaintiff’s law, to make f****** money.”

Thank goodness for “Crude,” the documentary-style film that followed the litigation and PR campaign against Chevron. Thanks to the cameramen and their cameras, we learn that the $27 billion — and then $113 billion — lawsuit orchestrated by U.S. trial lawyers isn’t about cleaning up the environment in Ecuador, justice for Amazonians, or punishing rapacious corporations. No, it’s all about “the business of the plaintiffs’ law, to make f****** money.”

That’s the revealing quote from Steven Donziger, the trial lawyer whose frank admissions on outtakes from “Crude” have shown the litigation to be a naked shakedown of a deep-pockets U.S. company. You can watch Donziger utter the uncensored remarks in the clip below, shot after a plaintiffs’ group exited the offices of The San Francisco Chronicle in April 2007.

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