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The Ecuador Lawsuit.

The Amazon Post Gets New Look, Continues to Expose Fraud

Date: Jun 24, 2014

The newly redesigned The Amazon Post, Chevron news website, debuts this week. The site has been updated to provide more news, blog posts, features, videos, and graphics from Chevron and other sources about the fraudulent lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador. The site began in 2009 to communicate Chevron’s views on the lawsuit against the company in Ecuador.

While the site has received a new look, it continues to feature compelling evidence and other information about the lawsuit, including outtakes from the movie “Crude” – which catch American lawyer Steven Donziger and his associates on tape committing fraudulent acts – company videos that detail the history of the lawsuit, infographics that highlight the fraud, updates on legal activities, Chevron press releases on the case, an interactive timeline, and much more.

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