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The 45 Petroecuador gas stations will return to private hands after 8 years of declaration of public utility

Date: Jul 12, 2021

Forty-five gas stations owned by Petroecuador (which are located especially in border provinces) will return to private hands, after eight years ago, in the government of Rafael Correa, it was decided to declare them of public utility and buy them, at reasonable prices, from their private owners. Is that the immediate sale of the Petroecuador gas stations is part of the hydrocarbon policy that was announced yesterday by the government of Guillermo Lasso.

On Wednesday, within the presentation of the country’s new hydrocarbon policy, it was announced that the sale of all the service stations of the Public Hydrocarbons Company of Ecuador will begin “as a priority and immediately, and review the existing distribution contracts in order to to determine its completion “.

In front of the announcement, yesterday it was known that a group of the ex-owners of these gas stations could be interested in reacquire them.

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