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The Ecuador Lawsuit.


April 3, 2014

The Canadian Press – High court will hear Chevron appeal

OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear an oil company’s appeal of a lower court decision that allowed a group of Ecuadorian villagers to seek billions in damages for environmental pollution. Read more >>

March 4, 2014

Forbes – Judge Calls Chevron Verdict Product Of `Egregious Fraud,’ Unenforceable

A federal judge in New York today slapped a stern order on attorney Steven Donziger and the Ecuadorean villagers he claims to represent, prohibiting them from capitalizing in U.S. courts on a $9 billion judgment he says was the product of “egregious fraud.” Read more >>

March 4, 2014

Wall Street Journal – Judge: $9.5B Environmental Judgment Against Chevron ‘Obtained by Corrupt Means’

A federal judge ruled in favor of Chevron Corp. on Tuesday in a civil racketeering case, saying a record $9.5 billion environmental judgment in Ecuador against the oil giant was “obtained by corrupt means.”

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan found that New York lawyer Steven Donziger and his litigation team engaged in coercion, bribery, money laundering and other criminal conduct in pursuit of the 2011 verdict. Read more >>

March 4, 2014

AP – NY judge rules for Chevron in Ecuador case

NEW YORK — A federal judge on Tuesday blocked U.S. courts from being used to collect a $9 billion Ecuadorean judgment against Chevron for rainforest damage, saying lawyers poisoned an honorable quest with their illegal and wrongful conduct. Read more >>

February 14, 2014

Zennie Abraham blog – Mia Farrow Made Fool By Ecuador’s Rafael Correa In Chevron Case

As reported over at The AmazonPost, since late 2013, Ecuador’s government, led by President Rafael Correa, has invited actors, politicians, …

January 31, 2014

National Review – Mama Mia Farrow: An Ecuador Update

Maybe Lourdes and Fatima were closed? Actress Mia Farrow this week went instead on another kind of pilgrimage, to a …

December 24, 2013

Reuters – Chevron appeals to top Ecuador court in pollution case

U.S. energy company Chevron Corp appealed on Monday to Ecuador’s highest court, asking it to cancel a $9.5 billion fine …

November 18, 2013

Washington Post – U.S. courts’ neutrality shines in Ecuadoran case

For all the complaints about the American justice system — litigation is too expensive, too slow, too uncertain — it …

November 18, 2013

New York Daily News – DiNapoli’s oil slick

The evidence mounts that state Controller Tom DiNapoli misused his power as sole trustee of the state pension fund in …

November 1, 2013

Investors Business Daily – Chevron Vindicated As Evidence Points To ‘Green Fraud’ By Environmentalists

EDITORIAL: Big Oil: So what happened to the $19 billion judgment against Chevron over rainforest pollution in Ecuador? Seems the …

October 22, 2013

Bloomberg World View – Ecuador’s Worn-Out War on Chevron

It is hard for many to take Correa’s environmental protestations seriously. On Oct. 6, Ecuadorian journalist Emilio Palacio asked the …

October 22, 2013

Fortune – Pursuit of former Texaco lawyer described in Chevron trial

Chevron’s (CVX) first witness at its civil racketeering trial against Steven Donziger, which started last Tuesday, was Ricardo Reis Veiga. …