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The Ecuador Lawsuit.

Steven Donziger

December 10, 2009

Trial Lawyer Finally Tells the Truth about Remediation Costs

“It will be very expensive to clean up, but far less than the profits they took out of Ecuador.” – …

December 9, 2009

Trial Lawyers Bankroll Lawsuit, Bank on Payday

“This lawsuit started in the United States and is financed by a law firm.” – Julio Prieto, plaintiff’s attorney In …

October 27, 2009

ShopFloor – Against Chevron, the Strategy Has Always Been Political

“And hire a lobbyist while you’re at it. Only someone who believes the issue is going to be resolved politically, …

August 25, 2009

8/24/09 – Business Week – Big Penalties Loom for Chevron in Ecuador

[archive-title]“Big Penalties Loom for Chevron in Ecuador” Business Week, August 24, 2009[/archive-title] “Leftist President Rafael Correa, elected in 2007, now …

July 24, 2009

7/24/09 – Chevron battle is now goliath vs. golaith, company says

[archive-title]“Chevron battle is now goliath vs. golaith, company says” World City, July 20, 2009[/archive-title] “For starters, it [Chevron] wants the …

July 21, 2009

Who Signed-Off On Texaco’s Remediation?

FICTION: “Well, our clients never released Texaco.” – Steven Donziger, 60 Minutes, May 3, 2009 FACT: The U.S.-based trial lawyers …

May 27, 2009

Trial lawyer’s testimony filled with inaccuracies

Steven Donziger, the lead trial lawyer for the plaintiffs’ case, testified in front of a Congressional committee on April 28, …