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RICO Trial

November 18, 2013

New York Daily News – DiNapoli’s oil slick

The evidence mounts that state Controller Tom DiNapoli misused his power as sole trustee of the state pension fund in …

November 15, 2013

Week Five Highlights: Chevron vs. Donziger

The following are the Chevron v Donziger week five highlights: Alejandro Ponce Villacris – Ecuadorian lawyer who worked with Donziger …

November 14, 2013

Business Insider – Lawyer Allegedly Perpetrated Massive Fraud Against Chevron

A plaintiffs’ lawyer named Steven Donziger is under attack for allegedly committing fraud and witness tampering in a huge environmental …

November 13, 2013

Ecuador’s High Court Ignores Fraud, Upholds Judgment Against Chevron

National Court of Justice Violates International Obligations Despite overwhelming evidence of fraud, bribery and corruption, Ecuador’s National Court of Justice …

November 11, 2013

The Litigation Daily – Chevron v. Donziger: After Botched Quiz, Ex-Judge Seeks Redemption

Zambrano did his best to recover from his failure to recall basic features of the mega-judgment he signed in 2011—and …

November 11, 2013

Philadelphia Inquirer – Phila. lawyer tells how Ecuador case against Chevron unraveled

“I relied on Mr. Donziger to tell me the truth about what was going on in the Ecuador litigation,” he …

November 11, 2013

Hot Air – The Chevron RICO trial grinds on

A couple of weeks ago we brought you up to date on the new Autumn blockbuster, Chevron’s Revenge: The Good …

November 8, 2013

Week Four Highlights, Chevron v Donziger

The following are the Chevron v Donziger week four highlights: Judge Nicolas Zambrano (Ecuadorean Judge) –  Disastrous day for the …

November 8, 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek – Attempt to Rehabilitate Chevron Judge Gets Very Weird

On even small, unimportant matters, Zambrano contradicted himself frequently in his testimony—so often that at one point yesterday, the judge …

November 8, 2013

IMAGE – Illustrated Courtroom – Chevron v. Donziger: Judge Nicolas Zambrano

Judge Zambrano  testified on the witness stand this week (while wearing a red hat, scarf, gloves and an overcoat,) that …

November 6, 2013

CNN – Disastrous day for the Lago Agrio plaintiffs in Chevron trial

The strikingly poor performance of the judge, Nicolás Zambrano Lozada, appeared to bolster Chevron’s contention that the $19 billion judgment …

November 6, 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek – The Chevron Judge Who Knows Little About His Judgment

Nicolas Zambrano, whose name appeared on the 188-page, single-spaced decision from a provincial court in Lago Agrio, Ecuador, could not …