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Rafael Correa

March 30, 2015
Ecuador political news

Drawing cartoons, defying the government – The Washington Post

According to Freedom House, Ecuador was listed as “not free” in its 2014 Freedom of the Press rankings. President Rafael Correa’s administration has created a hostile environment for the press, using multimillion-dollar libel lawsuits and draconian communications laws to repress the media. Speaking to Bonilla, though, who has a sociable, easygoing manner and laughs off Correa’s tactics with ease, one would never guess that he himself is one of the government’s targets for his cartoons. Read more>>

March 26, 2015
Rafael Correa social media troll

Correa’s Social-Media Troll Center Exposed in Quito – PanAm Post

An investigation released on Tuesday, March 24, by Fundación Mil Hojas has revealed one of the alleged social-media troll centers of the Citizen Revolution in Ecuador. Read more>>

March 17, 2015

Cousin of Ecuador’s president convicted of embezzlement – Associated Press

A court in Ecuador has convicted a first cousin of President Rafael Correa in the embezzlement of $800,000 from a state-run lender while he ran the country’s central bank. Read more>>

March 16, 2015
Ecuador protests image

Demonstrations Planned Across Ecuador to Protest Correa’s Policies – Wall Street Journal

Organizations representing indigenous people, workers unions and nongovernment organizations announced plans Friday for national demonstrations next week to protest President Rafael Correa’s policies. Read more>>

February 25, 2015
Ecuador political news

Ecuadorian Opposition Muster New Front to Take On Correa – PanAm Post

Mayors of Ecuador’s major cities, alongside representatives of multiple political parties and social organizations, gathered in Cuenca on Monday, February 23, to form a new political front against the government of President Rafael Correa. Read more>>

February 24, 2015
Rafael Correa - president of Ecuador - Ecuador political news

In Ecuador, a rapid decline in press freedom – KBIA

The media environment in Ecuador is not so serene. President Rafael Correa, now in his third term of office, regularly files lawsuits against journalists and even cartoonists who mock his government. In his weekly television address, Correa often spends time singling out his critics on social media and is known to tear up copies of newspapers he dislikes. In addition, a communications law passed in 2013 has given the government greater legal powers to fine and censure its critics in the press. Will the situation get worse? Read more>>

February 20, 2015
Ecuador political news

Correa’s Nemesis Crudo Ecuador Shuts Down over Intimidation – PanAm Post

The Facebook page Crudo Ecuador (Raw Ecuador), dedicated to political satire and one of the main reasons why president Rafael Correa initiated a social-media battle in the country, announced on Thursday, February 19, that it is shutting down — including the associated website and Twitter accounts. The administrator of the site, who remains anonymous to the public, makes this decision after claiming a threat against him and his family. He shared that strangers sent a bouquet of flowers with an anonymous note to him, in which they include his full name, details about his wife and children, and “warn” that he is being watched as long he continues with his “not so appropriate” activities. Read more>>

February 13, 2015
John Oliver rants against Rafael Correa

John Oliver’s Rant Against a Bully President Made It All the Way to Ecuador – The Daily Beast

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has been publicly shaming teenage critics of him in his weekly addresses. John Oliver made fun of him for it this week, and Correa is not happy. Read more>>

February 11, 2015
John Oliver Rafael Correa

Ecuadoreans hail John Oliver for taking a swing at their ‘sensitive’ president – Fusion

Critics of Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa have found solidarity and strength from an unlikely source: comedian John Oliver. On Sunday …

February 10, 2015
John Oliver Ecuador President Rafael Correa

John Oliver To Ecuadoran President: ‘If Your Skin Was Any Thinner, You’d Be A Taint’ – Huffington Post

John Oliver roasted one of Latin America’s most sensitive presidents on Sunday for attempting to confront his critics on Twitter. The segment poked fun at Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa, whose government has launched an effort to rally its supporters to gang up on critics who use social media to insult the president. Read more>>

February 9, 2015
Ecuador political news

Political cartoon draws scrutiny from Ecuador media regulator – IPI

The International Press Institute (IPI) today urged regulators in Ecuador to drop proceedings that could leave a newspaper forced to issue seven consecutive days of apologies and facing possible future fines of nearly $500,000, all due to a single political cartoon satirising a lawmaker from President Rafael Correa’s party. Read more>>

February 2, 2015
Rafael Correa - President of Ecuador - Ecuador political news

Ecuador President Rafael Correa’s troll warfare – BBC News

People in the public eye often get “trolled” online, subjected to personal or rude attacks. During his latest weekly presidential TV address, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa seemed to have decided enough was enough. He used the speech to name and shame people who had written abusive comments about him on Twitter and Facebook. Read more>>