Chevron's Views
And Opinions On
The Ecuador Lawsuit.

Lago Agrio Oil Field

November 26, 2013

Fortune – Chevron alleges still another fraud by Ecuadorians

On the last day of trial testimony in Chevron’s racketeering suit against the environmental lawyers who won an $9.5 billion …

November 18, 2013

Washington Post – U.S. courts’ neutrality shines in Ecuadoran case

For all the complaints about the American justice system — litigation is too expensive, too slow, too uncertain — it …

November 6, 2013

CNN – Disastrous day for the Lago Agrio plaintiffs in Chevron trial

The strikingly poor performance of the judge, Nicolás Zambrano Lozada, appeared to bolster Chevron’s contention that the $19 billion judgment …

November 6, 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek – The Chevron Judge Who Knows Little About His Judgment

Nicolas Zambrano, whose name appeared on the 188-page, single-spaced decision from a provincial court in Lago Agrio, Ecuador, could not …

October 28, 2013

Fortune – Key Chevron witness describes alleged corruption in Ecuadorian courts

A key witness in Chevron’s racketeering trial against environmental lawyer Steven Donziger, who won a $19 billion judgment against the …

October 23, 2013

Wall Street Journal Law Blog – Key Chevron Witness Testifies In Racketeering Trial

A former Ecuadorean judge testified Wednesday that he was paid $1,000 a month to ghostwrite rulings and “expedite” proceedings in …

October 16, 2013

New York Law Journal – Chevron Argues It Is a Victim of Attorney’s ‘Shakedown’

Chevron attorney Randy Mastro assailed plaintiffs’ lawyer Steven Donziger today, accusing him of running a massive scheme to extort a …

October 10, 2013

The Economist – A volcano erupts – Rafael Correa lambasts us and “the empire of capital”

Our reporting is based on a commodity that seems to be lacking in Mr Correa’s mental universe: facts. He may …

September 26, 2013

Fortune – Appeals judges skeptical of the need to intervene in Chevron’s RICO case

Leaders of the Amazon Defense Front had hoped to derail the oil giant’s lawsuit and kick the judge off the …

September 18, 2013

Wall Street Journal – Tribunal Finds Chevron Not Liable for Environmental Claims

An international arbitration tribunal issued a partial award in favor of Chevron Corp. ( CVX ) and found the U.S. …

July 30, 2013

Federal judge says Donziger not entitled to damages in Chevron RICO case

A federal judge ruled Monday that New York attorney Steven Donziger, who is being sued by Chevron Corp. for fraud, …

July 30, 2013

Judge Nixes Donziger’s Allegations Of Fraud Against Chevron in Ecuador Case

A New York federal judge threw out extortion and fraud counterclaims in Chevron Corp.’s racketeering suit over a $19 billion …