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Karen Hinton

December 9, 2009

Trial Lawyers Bankroll Lawsuit, Bank on Payday

“This lawsuit started in the United States and is financed by a law firm.” – Julio Prieto, plaintiff’s attorney In …

November 16, 2009

Above Board?

In a statement from the pages of Politico.com, Amazon Defense Coalition PR representative, Karen Hinton asserts that the ADC’s tactics …

September 23, 2009

Amazon Defense Coalition Gets It Wrong — Again

Amazon Defense Coalition spokesperson Karen Hinton has admitted that several accusations made in a recent press release are false. On …

September 8, 2009

Judge Núñez admits he needs to step aside; Amazon Defense Coalition proven wrong

9/8/09 Update – Lawyer Fernando Larrea, in a September 7th interview with Ecuavisa, affirms that Judge Nunez violated the law …