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February 21, 2012

Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit: Plaintiffs Engaged in New Fraud Against Chevron, Justice System?

In the past week, there have been notable developments in the various Ecuador cases: the international tribunal hearing Chevron’s arbitration …

June 14, 2011

Dow Jones – Ecuador Prepares For New Hearing In Occidental Petroleum Case

A U.S. oil company is suing Ecuador over the country’s cancellation of its contract: Occidental has said that the Ecuadorian …

June 7, 2011

Forbes – Litigation-Finance Contract Reveals How Investors Back Lawsuits

Daniel Fisher at Forbes explores the funding sources behind the lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador: The story behind the financing …

May 24, 2011

New York Times – Chevron Allegations About Justice System Strike a Nerve in Ecuador

The New York Times writes about Ecuador’s judiciary in this profile of the Chevron Ecuador case. It says, “Even Ecuadoreans, …

May 9, 2011

Reuters – US judge in Chevron-Ecuador case won’t recuse self

Update in Chevron Ecuador case regarding the court that blocked enforcement of the judgment: The U.S. judge who has temporarily …

April 25, 2011

Reuters – Poll gives Ecuador’s Correa wide lead on referendum

Critics of the May 7 vote in Ecuador say that the referendum has been designed by President Rafael Correa to …

April 21, 2011

Dow Jones – Ecuador March Business Confidence Down 7% On Month – Deloitte

Monthly survey of businesspeople shows drop of confidence in Ecuador: In its monthly report, Deloitte said the most important factors …

April 21, 2011

New Evidence of Fraud Found in Text of Ecuador Judgment

Company submits new evidence of misconduct by plaintiffs’ lawyers and Ecuadorian court in U.S. suit seeking to block enforcement and recognition …

April 12, 2011

San Francisco Sentinel – Goldman Environmental Awards Tarnished By Fraud in Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit: Prize Losses Luster After Foundation Refuses to Speak Up After Fraud by Amazon Awardees Pablo Fajardo, Luis Yanza Proven

The San Francisco Sentinel writes about winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize who are involved in the Chevron Ecuador lawsuit: …

April 7, 2011

Legal Newsline – Federal judge denies stay in Ecuador Chevron case

A Federal judge has upheld the preliminary injunction issued earlier this year that prohibits the plaintiffs in the Chevron Ecuador …

March 4, 2011

The Economist – A battle in court

This letter in The Economist says, “facts and the basic rule of law demonstrate that Chevron is the victim” : …

February 15, 2011

Wall Street Journal Editorial – Shakedown in Ecuador; The comedy of legal errors against Chevron

The Wall Street Journal writes about the Chevron Ecuador judgment: Woody Allen made “Bananas” in 1971 about a South …