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Steven Donziger: The Lefty Media Come to the Aid of History’s Champion Scammer

Chevron Shakedown Rout - Wall Street Journal

Have you heard about the big pity party? It’s ongoing, virtual, and being held in honor of one Steven Donziger, the schemer extraordinaire and disbarred lawyer who nearly pulled off the legal fraud of the century.

Memory shaky? This was an epic bamboozle, where a crusading Big Green lawyer used courts in Ecuador to shake down Chevron for $18 billion. Yes, billion with a b. Sounds like it’s worth celebrating, no?

That intrigue might have worked (and did) in corrupt Quito. But north of the Equator in U.S. courts, the administration of justice finally got the better of the hoodwinking and spotlight-craving attorney, even though he’d been championed by an adoring press. (Donziger had been ballyhooed by 60 Minutes. Heck, even conservatives such as Phelim McAleer and Jonathan Leaf put together a “verbatim theater production” about his ruse, using as dialogue the trial and deposition transcripts from Donziger v. Chevron Corp.)

To read the full story on the National Review, click here.


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