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State comptroller Tom DiNapoli gets campaign cash and backs donors’ efforts against Chevron

Date: Jun 15, 2012

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has become one of the most vocal critics of Chevron Corp. — and the recipient of thousands of dollars in campaign cash from the oil company’s biggest foe — since taking office in 2007.

DiNapoli, the state’s top finance officer, has issued news releases and written op-eds against Chevron.

And just last month, as head of the state’s $150 billion pension fund, he led an unsuccessful effort to force a restructuring of management at Chevron, a firm in which New York’s pensioners are heavily invested.

His positions mirror those of a group suing Chevron in a controversial international lawsuit that could cost the company billions.

Meanwhile, the group behind that 20-year-old lawsuit has handed his campaign a total of at least $48,000.

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