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Spanish deputies investigate crimes allegedly committed by Rafael Correa- Ecuador Times

Date: Mar 5, 2020

The Government would collaborate in the investigation of “paid millionaires” that would have been carried out during Rafael Correa’s mandate to the “Prometheus Program, the Latin American Strategic Center for Geopolitics (Celag) and entities related to Podemos and leaders of the United Left and the United Party We.

That agreement would have reached on Monday President Lenin Moreno with the deputy of the Vox party for Salamanca, Víctor González, and the Spanish MEP Hermann Tertsch. According to González, the collaboration also comes from the Court in exile from Venezuela, in Bolivia and in Brazil.

Both Spaniards are in the country to talk with authorities not only of this supposed fact that would involve the Vice President of Spain, Pablo Iglesias, but also of the participation of former President Correa in an alleged escape plan from Spain by Pablo Romero, former Secretary of Intelligence accused of Kidnapping of Fernando Balda and extradited on February 21.

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