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South Florida Sun-Sentinel – Letter to the Editor – Ecuador doesn’t deserve relationship with U.S.

Date: Sep 16, 2011

This letter expresses the opinion that Ecuador, the country where the Chevron Ecuador trial has taken place, should not be allowed to have full diplomatic relations with the United States following its expulsion of the U.S. ambassador:

On April 5, the Ecuadorean government declared U.S. ambassador Heather Hodges persona non grata and gave her 24 hours to leave the country. Now, like nothing happened, the United States has apparently appointed Adam Namm as the new ambassador to Ecuador.

For Ecuadorean-Americans, this is against our deep democratic beliefs.

We cannot be in favor of having full diplomatic relations with a government that has treated a U.S. ambassador in that fashion.

Furthermore, the present Ecuadorean government, with its socialist, pro-communist ideas, favors better foreign relations with pro-communist, totalitarian governments like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Nicaragua, etc. Its foreign service ministry is managed by socialist, pseudo-communist individuals who have a profound dislike for the United States.

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