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The Ecuador Lawsuit. – ACORN, Ecuador, Chevron, and the hidden video camera

Date: Sep 14, 2009

[archive-title]“ACORN, Ecuador, Chevron, and the hidden video camera
By Zennie62 – City Brights, September 13, 2009
“I also think it’s a lot like the Chevron Ecuador case, where Ecuador Judge Juan Nunez was secretly caught on video in a meeting talking about the Chevron case and how he could rule and what the cost would be – $27 billion. Even though the Judge picked his words carefully, it was clear he knew about “that other thing” (because he used those words) which were the bribe arrangements where two environmental consultants would pay $3 million for the right to get a part of the remediation work the $27 billion was to pay for, in part.”
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