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The Ecuador Lawsuit. – Ecuador’s Rafael Correa Has Columnist, Newspaper Editors Jailed, Fined $40 Million

Date: Aug 1, 2011

This blogger writes about the Ecuadorian judge’s ruling that sentences the owners and former editor of the country’s largest newspaper to three years in prison and $40 million in fines for libel against President Rafael Correa:

On May 5th, this blogger reported on Ecuador President Rafael Correa’s attack on the country’s own media. While there are a number of examples, the most prominent one has resulted in a development of disasterous proportions for media in Ecuador, and calls that country’s entire political and judicial ethics into question.

Ecuador’s El Universo has lost a lawsuit ordered by Correa, as Judge Juan Paredes has said that three of its editors, including the columnist who wrote what got under Correa’s skin, will be fined $40 million. The newspaper has to pay $10 million, while Carlos Cesar, Nicolas Perez, and former opinion editor Emilio Palacio have to pay $30 million total – unless they can mount a successful appeal.

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