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The Ecuador Lawsuit. – Ecuador In Bed With Chevron Accuser Donziger: U.S. Judge Lewis Kaplan

Date: Dec 3, 2010

This blogger writes about Judge Kaplan’s determination that all documents pertaining to the deposition of lead plaintiffs’ lawyer Steven Donziger must be transferred, and that Ecuador’s motion to block this transfer is denied:

Judge Kaplan has officially outed Ecuador as being involved in the lawsuit.   Indeed, between Ecuador claiming it would take 90 percent of any environmental damage award from an Ecuadorian court, Donziger talking of using threats of violence and intimidation against Ecuadorian judges, and Donziger claiming that he, indeed, would make billions from the case, and Donziger working with the State of Ecuador’s oil company that took over Chevron’s oil well, it’s clear that the last people anyone really thought of was Ecuador’s poor.


Judge Lewis A. Kaplan

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