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Schadenfreude: Enviros’ Lawyer From Chevron Shakedown Ordered To Pay Them “Bigly” – Hot Air

Date: Mar 8, 2018

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Those of you who have been following our years-long coverage of what’s become known as the Chevron Shakedown are probably already familiar with Steven Donziger. He’s the New York attorney who worked with a corrupt court in Ecuador and several environmental groups in the United States to achieve a bogus judgment against the energy giant valued in the billions of dollars. That fell apart completely under court scrutiny and instead of winding up with a huge payday, Donziger found himself on the losing end of a RICO trial in New York.

Now, adding insult to injury, that same court has come back and determined that someone does indeed need to pay. But it’s not Chevron. Saying that, “the case is over save for the matters of costs and attorney fees,” the presiding judge brought down the hammer on Donziger for the cost of the massive court fees incurred. And he brought it down hard.

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