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San Francisco Sentinel – Goldman Environmental Awards Tarnished By Fraud in Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit: Prize Losses Luster After Foundation Refuses to Speak Up After Fraud by Amazon Awardees Pablo Fajardo, Luis Yanza Proven

Date: Apr 12, 2011

The San Francisco Sentinel writes about winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize who are involved in the Chevron Ecuador lawsuit:

The Goldman Environmental Awards have remained silent after giving its prize to Fajardo and Yanza, even after it was definitely proven their efforts were fraudulent and part of a conspiracy to defraud Chevron and its shareholders. And, the Goldman Foundation’s silence and failure to distance itself from the two men has diminished the stature of the once desirable award.

It is time for the Goldman Award and the Goldman Foundation to step up, admit their mistake in making the award to a demonstrated fraud against Chevron and demand that Fajardo and Yanza return the award monies. The very reputation of the award itself, along with the Goldman name, will always be tarnished until the Foundation takes this action.

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