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The Ecuador Lawsuit.

San Francisco Sentinel – Chevron Victory in Ecuador Arbitration Case – May Force PetroEcuador To Pay For Clean Up In Amazon Region

Date: Mar 22, 2010

Chevron (CVX) may become the greenest oil company in the world now that the San Ramon-based company won a significant court victory in the legal fight over oil-field contamination in Ecuador.

U.S. District Judge Leonard Sand ruled earlier this month that Chevron can pursue arbitration in the case. The government of Ecuador and attorneys representing Amazon Watch and Amazon Defense Coalition had asked the judge to reject arbitration in the almost two-decades old legal case.

Little noticed in the ruling favoring Chevron was a statement that may come back to haunt Ecuador and Amazon Watch attorneys–and could make Chevron Corporation not only the most beloved corporation in Ecuador, but perhaps the greenest oil company ever.

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