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San Francisco Chronicle – Lawyers gone wild

Date: Jan 5, 2011

The San Francisco Chronicle writes again on new developments in the Chevron Ecuador lawsuit, following the piece written in late December. That piece said Joseph Kohn, “whose firm had bankrolled the plaintiffs’ team accuses his colleagues of ‘potentially improper and unethical, if not illegal’ conduct and says their actions have ‘undermined the entire case.'”:

One of the most damaging letters, citing “potentially improper and unethical, if not illegal” actions, Baker noted, is from a former plaintiffs’ ally, Philadelphia attorney Joseph Kohn, whose firm, Kohn, Swift & Graf, had bankrolled the plaintiffs’ team.

Kohn’s wrath, as I read through his original letter of Aug. 9, is aimed primarily at the plaintiff’s lead attorney, Steven Donziger, whose “outrageously improper conduct,” is “leading the case rapidly towards disaster.”

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