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San Francisco Chronicle – Chevron keeps up pressure in Ecuador suit

Date: Sep 7, 2010

An update by the San Francisco Chronicle on the Chevron Ecuador lawsuit:

Mired in a $27 billion environmental lawsuit in Ecuador, Chevron Corp.  has taken the unusual step of trying to subpoena the other side’s lead lawyer, arguing that he has committed fraud upon the court.

Chevron persuaded a U.S. federal judge last month to grant a subpoena of Steven Donziger, head of the legal team seeking to hold the company responsible for oil-field contamination in the Ecuadoran rain forest. Donziger’s attorneys are trying to quash the subpoena.

The move is the latest bare-knuckled legal tactic San Ramon’s Chevron has pursued in the 17-year-old case. Since February, the oil company has been filing motions in courts throughout the United States, seeking to depose consultants who worked for Donziger and the plaintiffs’ legal team. Chevron even won access to hours of unused footage from a documentary film about the lawsuit.

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