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RICO trial begins today In Southern District of New York

Date: Oct 15, 2013

The trial to hold Steven Donziger and his co-conspirators accountable for orchestrating and executing a fraudulent scheme against Chevron in Ecuador begins today in New York.

Chevron has brought a civil lawsuit against the lawyers behind the Chevron Ecuador case under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). The plaintiffs’ legal team committed fraud, extortion and other misconduct in pursuit of the Ecuadorian judgment.

Since the Ecuadorian judgment was rendered in 2011, Chevron has uncovered overwhelming evidence that demonstrates the Ecuadorian plaintiffs’ lead American lawyer, Steven Donziger, and his team fabricated scientific evidence, ghostwrote court reports, and even bribed the presiding judge to allow them to draft the $19 billion judgment.

Through the RICO lawsuit, the company is seeking a United States federal court judgment against Donziger and his team, based on the evidence that the Ecuadorian judgment was procured through fraud and other unlawful acts, and ensuring that those who perpetrated the fraud should not profit from their misconduct and abuse of the legal system.

Check back throughout the trial for updates and more information.