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Reuters – Q+A-What is at stake in Ecuador’s referendum?

Date: Apr 15, 2011

This article discusses the May 7 vote in Ecuador on a number of issues:

Ecuadoreans vote on May 7 on a complicated package of reforms President Rafael Correa says will modernize the Andean nation but critics fear are intended to strengthen his power and curb judicial independence.

Still enjoying popularity levels above 50 percent after four years in office, the leftist Correa is expected to win the 10-point referendum comfortably and thus solidify his position long before a possible re-election bid in 2013.

The vote has galvanized some opponents and fueled criticism that Correa — part of an alliance of left-wing South American leaders including Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Evo Morales of Bolivia — is amassing too much power for the executive.

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