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Ecuador judge fines journalists for libeling Correa

Date: Feb 8, 2012

In Ecuador, site of the Chevron Ecuador trial, we see that two journalists have been sentenced to pay $1 million each for libeling socialist President Rafael Correa:

The pugnacious Correa has been sparring with local media ever since he took office in January 2007 promising a “citizens’ revolution” in the South American OPEC member.

He often accuses the media of spreading lies to undermine his government and has called them “the real opposition,” while news organizations say he is trying to censor critics.

A civil court judge’s sentence against Juan Carlos Calderon and Christian Zurita stems from their publication of “Big Brother”, a book alleging Correa was aware that his older brother, Fabricio Correa, was awarded public contracts.

In Ecuador, it is illegal for the president’s close relatives to sign such deals.

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