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Read the Overwhelming Evidence of Fraud, Extortion and Other Misconduct

Opponents of President Rafael Correa’s policies, many of them from indigenous groups, protested against government policies on Thursday, including one that would permit the populist leader to run for office indefinitely. Discontent has grown as a slump in oil prices has weakened the pace of Ecuador’s robust economic growth of recent years. Thursday’s protests, among the largest in a series of recent demonstrations and the first national strike, comes a day after ratings firm Standard & Poor’s lowered its sovereign credit ratings on Ecuador by a notch.

During a six-week federal trial in New York, Chevron introduced overwhelming evidence of fraud, extortion and other misconduct as part of a civil lawsuit against Steven Donziger and his associates.

Read Chevron’s post-trial brief:

Using Internet Explorer, click here to read a comprehensive summary of Chevron’s claims and supporting evidence against Steven Donziger and his associates. The post-trial brief contains citations that are hyperlinked to the respective exhibits.

The hyperlinked post-trial brief may also be read by opening this link in Adobe Reader: /post-trial-brief-pdfs/brief/01ChevronPostTrialBr.pdf



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