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Rafael Correa will not be able to participate in politics in the next 25 years- Ecuador Times

Date: Apr 9, 2020

Public resources should always be administered honestly and with unrestricted adherence to the Law. The public function is a service to the community, subject to ethics as a guiding principle. Rafael Correa turned 57 years old yesterday, but for the next 25 he will not be able to participate in politics. At least not if the sentence that today was handed down by a Court of the National Court of Justice is ratified in higher instances.

President of Ecuador for a decade (January 15, 2007 – May 24, 2017), Correa was found guilty of the crime of bribery aggravated by instigation and sentenced to serve 8 years in prison. He also loses his right to political participation for 25 years. The same sentence goes to whoever was his vice president, Jorge Glas, who is already serving prison terms for another criminal process: the Odebrecht case.

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