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Rafael Correa could be sentenced in the second instance of the Bribes Case 2012-2016- Ecuador Times

Date: Jul 17, 2020

Thirteen days after the Court of Appeal in the Bribes 2012-2016 case began to deliberate the arguments delivered in the 21 appeals against the sentence issued for the crime of aggravated bribery, the judges of the National Court of Justice summoned to reinstate the hearing in which they will announce their resolution.

Judges David Jacho, Dilza Muñoz and Wilman Terán , from 09:00 on Monday July 20, will announce orally if they accept or reject the 20 appeals filed by the sentenced, including ex-presidents Rafael Correa and Jorge Glas, who received an eight-year prison sentence in the first instance as mediators instigated by instigation.

In addition, the Court must rule on the appeal of the Attorney General Íñigo Salvador , representative of the institution that acted as a private prosecution. The Attorney General’s Office requested that the Court determine clear rules to individualize the amount that will correspond to pay each of the 20 convicted of bribery.

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