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Philadelphia Inquirer – Legal maneuvers in Ecuador costly to plaintiffs

Date: Jan 7, 2011

The paper writes again on the Chevron Ecuador case, this time focusing in on the courts in the United States that have called the lawsuit into serious question:

“There is no international law requirement that a court in one country has to enforce a judgment from a court in [another] country,” said Duncan Hollis, associate dean for academic affairs at the Temple University Law School and a former State Department lawyer.

“It is going to be very difficult for a judge to deal with” enforcing a judgment, Hollis said, “because the allegations are quite strong and might lead one to conclude that this case [in Ecuador] was not getting a full and fair hearing.”

The problem, as Hollis described it, is that U.S. judges recognize foreign judgments only if they emerge from countries that apply similar standards of justice.

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