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Petroleum World – Chevron presenting strong evidence of government corruption

Date: Sep 9, 2009

[archive-title]“Chevron presenting strong evidence of government corruption
Petroleum World, September 9, 2009
“Chevron has just released yet another set of evidence ( Chevron Post video…) concerning a bribe plot involving the judge of the cause, Juan Nuñez, plus a close adviser of president Rafael Correa. On the basis of this new evidence Chevron is requesting Ecuadorian authorities that an investigation into the bribery scheme should include the possible involvement of Correa’s legal adviser Alexis Mera in the plot and an investigation into the relationship between judge Nuñez and the court designated expert Richard Cabrera. Chevron presented new evidence including information on a Galveston, Texas bank account said to be used “to hold bribery payments.”
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