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Petroecuador, Ecuador’s State Owned Oil Company, Watches It’s Oil Exports Rise 17% This Year

Date: Mar 29, 2012

Petroecuador February Oil Exports Rise 17% On Year To $896Mln

Petroecuador, Ecuador’s state oil company, reported oil-export revenues of $896 million in February, a 17% increase from the $764 million registered in February 2011, Petroecuador reported Tuesday.

In terms of volume, Petroecuador exported 8.61 million barrels of crude oil in February, down 6% from 9.15 million barrels registered one year before.

Exports of Oriente crude in February were 5.69 million barrels, while exports of Napo crude were 2.92 million barrels.

The average price of Oriente in February was $104.58 a barrel while the price of Napo crude was $103.30 a barrel.

Figures have been rounded.

-Dow Jones