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Pamela Martínez declared that she was being used for delivering money to Alianza PAÍS and that Rafael Correa knew about it- Ecuador Times

Date: Sep 5, 2019

Pamela Martínez recognized that it was a “mistake” not to have realized that she was being “used to receive and deliver money”. The funds, she declared, arrived from private companies for the electoral campaign of the PAIS Alliance movement (AP). Pamela Martínez also declared that Rafael Correa knew about these transactions.

Correa would have told her that because of the informality with which the previous campaign was handled by former Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño, that he needed documentation of the transactions. When asked who would give Martínez the information, Correa told her that it would be Vice President Jorge Glas.

At the first meeting to which she was called by Glas, she met the ministers and secretaries Vinicio Alvarado, María Duarte, Walter Solís, Alexis Mera and others who she did not remember. Jorge Glas then told her that the information would come from the AP secretary, Galo Mora.

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