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New York Times – Chevron Wins Injunction Against Ecuadorean Plaintiffs

Date: Mar 8, 2011

More coverage of the court ruling which blocks enforcement of the judgment that the plaintiffs’ lawyers have procured through fraud and corruption. The New York Times cites the judge’s ruling which discusses corruption in the Ecuador court system:

Chevron Corp. scored a major legal victory last night when a federal judge ruled that plaintiffs who won an $8.6 billion judgment for pollution in Ecuador cannot seek to collect damages in the United States or in other countries.  …

The legal system in Ecuador has been corrupt for years, but “the situation has worsened” since leftist President Rafael Correa took office in 2007, Kaplan added.

Correa “continues to threaten and pressure judges at all levels, particularly those hearing suits that implicate government interests,” he wrote.

Kaplan also noted evidence that the plaintiffs sought to use “pressure tactics” to influence the judge in Ecuador and helped prepare an independent expert’s report that was introduced as evidence in the case.

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