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New Outtakes Reveal Fraud and Collusion

Newly released outtakes from the “documentary” Crude further expose the fraudulent scheme carried out against Chevron by Steven Donziger and his team.


Newly released outtakes from the “documentary” Crude further expose the fraudulent scheme carried out against Chevron by Steven Donziger and his team.

The outtakes, which were submitted as evidence during the 2013 federal racketeering trial against Donziger and his associates, catch Donziger and his team committing fraud and colluding with government officials in their quest to obtain a judgment against Chevron in Ecuador.

The outtakes catch the following activities:

  • Co-opting Amazon Watch: Amazon Watch, an Oakland, CA-based activist group was paid nearly $500,000 to support and promote Donziger’s fraudulent scheme.  These newly released videos highlight the role played by Amazon Watch, including the organization’s executive director boasting about meeting with the presiding judge and getting his private phone number and home address.  Amazon Watch also facilitated a paid visit by actress Daryl Hannah to the Ecuadorian Amazon.  The outtakes depict Hannah and Amazon Watch officials meeting with the judge presiding over the case, posing for photographs and inviting him to dinner. A 12-video playlist of clips featuring Amazon Watch can be found here.
  • Corrupting a Court-Appointee: Steven Donziger and a Colorado-based environmental consulting firm, Stratus Consulting, have admitted to ghostwriting an environmental damages report on behalf of a court appointee named Richard Cabrera.  These newly release outtakes catch Richard Cabrera participating in a planning meeting with Donziger and his team where it is openly discussed that they would do the work instead of Cabrera. A 10-video playlist of clips featuring Donziger and his team corrupting Cabrera can be found here.
  • Colluding with the Government: Donziger and his team colluded with the Ecuadorian government to advance the lawsuit and secure a judgment against Chevron.  The outtakes include meetings between Donziger’s lieutenant, Pablo Fajardo, and the President’s legal advisor, Alexis Mera, in which Mera gives advice on how to prosecute the case against the company.  The outtakes also feature several clips of Donziger bragging about his team’s relationship with Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa, including a scene where Donziger declares “Now we are friends with the President!” A 19-video playlist of clips featuring Donziger and his team colluding with the government can be found here.
  • Controlling the Courts: Donziger and his team used intimidation tactics to control Ecuadorian judges.  These outtakes catch Donziger bragging about using threats, pressure, and intimidation to get judges rule in their favor.  In one clip, Donziger jokes that while the judge may not be killed, the fact that he thinks he will be “is just as good.” In another, Donziger plots the creation of an army to “give a lesson to this judge.” The videos also highlight the meetings Donziger, his team, and Amazon Watch held with the judges presiding over the case.  An 11-video playlist of clips featuring Donziger and his team discussing ways to control the Ecuadorian courts and judges can be found here.

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