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New Filing Outlines Republic of Ecuador’s Involvement in Lago Agrio Case

In a recent filing with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Chevron has outlined the extensive involvement by the Republic of Ecuador in the fraudulent case against Chevron.

The brief was filed in a proceeding where the Republic and the Lago Agrio Plaintiffs seek discovery from Chevron for use in the Lago Agrio trial and the international arbitration proceedings. Based on recent developments, including the recent findings of fraud and racketeering activity by the U.S. District Court of New York, the court stated in an order that it was concerned that allowing discovery would be countenancing a fraud on the courts. The court asked the parties to brief the issue.

In its briefing, Chevron detailed the Republic’s involvement in the case, including that:

  • Ecuador is an active supporter of Donziger’s extortionate pressure campaign against Chevron.
  • Ecuador engaged in “takedown” requests aimed at suppressing evidence against the Lago Agrio plaintiffs, including videos posted by Chevron that show Donziger and his team conspiring to commit fraud.
  • Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa has made clear his support for the Lago Agrio plaintiffs and demonstrated his willingness to bend all organs of government, including the judiciary, to their cause.
  • Ecuador has flouted orders by the international arbitral panel, prompting the panel to issue subsequent orders finding Ecuador in violation of international law.

The full brief can be found here.


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